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Become a life-long learner and provide high-quality care by developing your 批判性思维, 沟通, 以及临床技能.


注重临床技能, 批判性思维, 良好的沟通, 团队合作, 专业精神和道德价值观

The 澳门威尼斯人平台 联合健康学院 educates and prepares future allied health professionals to provide high quality care in their respective fields. The College seeks to provide a pathway for students to academically advance by offering programs from the certificate level through the baccalaureate degree level. 与澳门威尼斯人平台的目标一致, 联合健康学院侧重于临床技能, 批判性思维, 良好的沟通, 团队合作, 专业精神和道德价值观 as well as an appreciation for cultural diversity and life-long learning.

Academic programs within the 澳门威尼斯人平台 联合健康学院 are designed to meet the needs of the healthcare industry by providing graduates with the education, 医疗保健行业所需的经验和证书. 




我们的快, 11-week quarters combined with a stair-step curricular progression of certificates, 文凭, Associate of Science degrees can help you stay on course and move quickly into a position in the field you choose!



Our career-first curriculum focuses on the specific knowledge and skills you will need to succeed in your chosen field.


对于那些符合条件的学生, we work hard to help you find the financial resources you need to make an education possible.


在联合健康学院, 我们将课堂教学与实践相结合, 在职培训,你可以把这些知识付诸行动. Our faculty includes instructors who have worked in real-world positions in the fields they teach and who can share a realistic view of the challenges and opportunities you will face.


因为我们保持班级规模小, 你会了解你的同学和老师, 他们会了解你. 小班授课使提问不那么令人生畏, and our faculty have a reputation for taking a personal interest in the success of every student. We also offer free tutoring for when you need extra help with a tough class.


这取决于你学习的课程, you can move from the classroom to your career in six to 33 months. 我们的快, 11-week quarters combined with a stair-step curricular progression help you stay on course and move quickly into a job. 我们也提供灵活的选择, 晚上, 和网络辅助课程,以适应您繁忙的日程.

我们带你开始 & 让你继续前进

Every graduate from the 联合健康学院 gets access to employment assistance at no charge. 我们帮助你匹配技能, 利益, and personality with available positions within your field of interest; and, 这种帮助在你的整个职业生涯中都是可用的. You can even review a class that you have taken at a later date without charge, 只是为了让你的技能和知识保持敏锐.

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"Sullivan has enabled me to get a great job in a field that I absolutely love and that I dreamed about doing since I was a kid."





我代表澳门威尼斯人平台欢迎你们. We are pleased to have you join our higher education family and we look forward to having the privilege of working with you and aiding you on your educational journey towards a brighter future. 

The 联合健康学院 at 澳门威尼斯人平台 hosts several in demand programs including Radiographic 科技nology, 医疗协助, 外科手术技术, 有限医学放射摄影, 医疗编码, 卫生信息管理与社区卫生服务. 医疗保健领域不断变化,不断发展. 通过这些动态的健康项目, graduates are equipped with knowledge and abilities to make a difference in the lives of others. 学院为学生提供全面的教育, 强调职业精神, community service and the training necessary for their specific fields of study. 

The 联合健康学院 offers students the ability to utilize and learn with many different types of equipment pertinent to chosen fields of study. The Surgical program has two operating rooms including a scrub room where students can gain hands on experience. 放射学项目提供两个数字, fully ionized rooms where students are provided hands-on instruction and opportunities to practice procedures. Each of our programs are led by experts in their respective fields, 为学生提供优秀的榜样和现实, 现实世界的指令. 

项目 at the 联合健康学院 provide students with instruction, study help and review materials to aid students in successful completion of their chosen field program and certification exams. Many programs offer mock exams to provide students with a testing experience. 

I find it a great privilege to be a part of your journey and cannot wait to see what all the future holds for you. 当你迈出这一步, 在加入澳门威尼斯人平台大家庭时,我就知道了这一点, 我们支持你, 我们永远支持你们.